Fruitful September

Domestic seasonal food



  • Locally produced food
  • No transporttion costs or emissions
  • Support for local employment and vitality
  • Benefits and healthiness of organic food
  • Utilizing seasonal foods throughout the year

Welcome to the harvest market on Saturday 16.9.2023 at 9-15

Niilo-maskotti vinkkaa!

The “Fruitful September” offers us the opportunity to care for both nature and human well-being while conserving natural resources and money. This theme emphasizes the importance of domestic seasonal food and its benefits. Locally produced food reduces transportation costs and emissions while supporting local employment and vitality.

The Fruitful September encourages us to embrace seasonal foods throughout the year, promoting a sustainable food culture. Furthermore, the benefits of organic food become more pronounced when we choose nourishment produced through natural methods without harmful chemicals. A Bountiful September provides an opportunity to savor delicious and nutritious domestic seasonal foods while conserving natural resources and money. This theme fosters local economies, ecological sustainability, and healthy choices, all while nurturing both our well-being and environmental well-being.

  • Is there locally sourced food available at your neighborhood store?
  • Do you have ideas on what foods are good to eat during the winter season?
  • Do you have good ideas for replacing imported foods with local alternatives?

Experiences from the environmental theme month in Niemikoti Foundation’s facilities

We have prepared weekly meals using vegetables from Green City Farm’s harvest bags and tomatoes grown at Villa Borgikse. The autumn apple harvest is abundant and delicious, and we have been picking and preserving our own apples together with the service users. Various, and previously unfamiliar, vegetables have become familiar to the whole group.
We used seasonal produce in our meals. For example, we made apple porridge. We encouraged the consumption of domestic fruits.
Autumn cleanup in the unit’s backyard. Tidying up, grilling, etc.
In the future, a monthly changing list of in-season vegetables, fruits, and berries will be posted on the bulletin board.
Competition for identifying vegetables, fruits, and herbs based on taste and appearance. The unit’s own Environmental Working Group met.