GFP- (Guided Functional Peer Support)


ELVIS-project is developing new, innovative GFP (Guided Functional Peer Support)-model combining guided peer support and creative activities. The main objective is to support the young adult mental health clients to find natural means of life management and social skills development, both at work and disability rehabilitation. This objective will support the operational peer to peer tutor as educated by professional staff. Content of functional groups are planned and guided by mental health clients themselves.

Resource centrally GFP-model aims to a new type of peer-guided functional development. GFP-model has a strong theoretical background on a number of special education units. Instead traditional disease-centered dialogue of the peer support, GFP focuses on human resources and functionality through interaction.

ELVIS-project activities and the rehabilitation clients are supported by professional  staff that trained peer tutor to support the operations carried out jointly. "Peer tutor-manuals” are used to operate as an individual peer tool. The contents of functional groups are versatile for example recording studio technology, computing, music, visual arts, multimedia, sports activities and relaxation. Acting together as a group gains to strengthen social relationships and enable to face other people who are interested in similar things. Important factor is to open learning possibilities in individual and motivated way.

ELVIS-project is working on strong co-operation with a local Youth Services Center as using their space and equipment. Other important co-operations are made with special vocational schools to support future studying for clients. Empowering and working  community brings new methods and opportunities to rehabilitate young adult mental health client.

ELVIS-project is funded by RAY 2009-2011.


Download PEER TUTOR HANDBOOK from here!